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Stone Inscription Of Yellow River --- Reappearance Of Original Handscript (吳瑞珍Wu Rui-Zhen)!2VUMiPyAGRQh.QSSxOgZFylk/article?mid=3961
(中文字轉發自此網站)--右上角有六個字因經過多年被收藏而笔迹變模糊了,曾被手稿的原本主人林先生重新填寫過,「賜」字和「錫」字在古時是通用的。Take note that there were 6 texts at the top right corner having faded away since many years of preservence, and the handscript original owner, Mr Lin, had ever overwritten the texts --- the ancient Chinese character of "賜" and "錫" are interchangeable, meaning "to grant or bestow".
緣起 Genesis
自從先母去年突然撒手長辭,內心時有感觸,九十高齡的爸爸,已趨老化,遲早也會有離開我們的一天,於是,閒暇時即著手整理資料,紀錄他老人家生命中的點點滴滴,真的,我們子女以父親為榮!緬懷先父,喜捨樂善好施,捐錢、捐白米、捐棺木、修建學校……等,無私奉獻的慈悲美德,回顧他老人家,留給我們子女無盡的懷念與敬仰,先父展現非常大愛,為而不恃,留下中一堂這塊土地,提供道親們,世世代代修辦的○堂聖地,還有一張泛黃的便條紙,「黃河碑文」第一手抄原稿,公諸於世,碑文暗藏天機,傳頌各道場,點燃修辦道的信心。今年(2009)八月七日,七夕那一天,他老人家安祥地隨老師回歸理天,三十一日,先父吳福來點傳師的告別公奠,藉著親友們送爸爸最後一程之際,播出他老人家生命光碟紀錄片,表示追悼與懷念 Since the sudden demise of (the editor’s) Mum in the previous year (2008), deep feelings had filled the heart of (the editor’s) Dad who, at 90 years of age, had already turned senile and, sensing that he would depart the world one day, started arranging his own document file and wrote an account of his own life with every details --- over which the editor and her siblings also felt proud with their father. The old father was remembered to have been a kind and charitable person who frequently donated money, rice sack and coffin to the needy, besides raising fund to build schools --- thus summing up his accomplishment of morality by selfless contribution. What was left to his descendants was unforgettable, cherished memory and deep honour. It took all his charity to show his selfless love while he had never claimed credit to himself. He had also left behind this piece of land for the Dao-devotees --- the Holy Shrine for Dao-cultivation for many generations and, last but not least, a small note with yellow discolouration --- the original handscript of “Stone Inscription Of Yellow River” --- which , conveying hidden Heavenly Secret, had been published for sharing among all Dao-environments to rekindle the faith of Dao-cultivators. On 7th August, 2009 (the seventh day of the 7th lunar month), the old father passed away peacefully. While relatives and friends came to bid him farewell on 31st, August, in the funeral wake of “Parting Ceremony of Initiation-Master Wu”, a memoir VCR about Master Wu’s life was played in remembrance of him.
先父故居兔子坑山上 (現中一堂地點),白手起家,後來,經營木材工廠,事業蒸蒸日上,民國五十七年1968底,如日中天,毅然結束事業,捨身辦道,奉獻中一堂土地,全力推動道務,並為基礎忠恕四金剛之一。適時,因緣際會獲「黃河碑文」手抄原稿,迄今四十年間,「黃河碑文」遍及海內外道場,是點傳師、講師闡述道真,理真、天命真的確切佐證。The old residence of the (editor’s) late father was in Tukeng Road upon a hill (the present site of “Zhong Yi Shrine”). He started empty-handed to raise the family and, after running a ruined wood factory for some time, the business prospered. At the end of 1968, when the business reached its summit, he decisively closed his business and devoted himself to Dao-initiation missionary work, offering his land for “Zhong Yi Shrine” and wholeheartedly carried out Dao’s propagation --- being nicknamed as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of Ji Chu’s Group” years later. Since then, his preservence of the original handscript of “Yellow River Stone Inscription” had already passed 40 years. In these years, the “Yellow River Stone Inscription”,which he had got hold of by opportunity, had been widely spread abroad and had been convincing proof for initiation masters and lecturers to preach on topics as “Dao Is True, Principle Is True and Heavenly Decree Is True”.
在生命光碟紀錄片裏,簡述「黃河碑文」手抄原稿典故,似乎引起小小震撼,耳聞前賢驚訝,首傳此碑文者,竟然是當天告別式的主角,後學接獲多位點傳師、講師提及緣由,代父一一細說;日前,巧遇基礎雜誌張學長,希望透過文字的敘述,讓大家一起來分享,這唯一替代碑文,已達六十餘年之久的原始物件始重現。On the memoir VCR, the source of “Yellow River Stone Inscription’s handscript” was briefly introduced and it seemed to have slightly shaken the crowd. The agitation was from some senior Dao-cultivators who were shocked to hear that that stone inscription's message, which they had ever preached for their first time (most probably in foreign countries where new shrines had been newly set up), was actually originated from the main character of that parting ceremony. Later the editor (of this story --- Mdm Wu Rui-Zhen) was told of the agitation’s reason by those initiation masters and lecturers to whom she disclosed the source of the handscript in details. Some time before (the Internet publicizing of this amazing story in 2009), Mdm Wu Rui-Zhen ran into Mr Zhang of Ji Chu’s Magazine who wished to publicize it in article to share with others --- about this ONE AND ONLY 60-odd-year-old substitute of the original stone-carved material.

碑文可稽The Stone Inscription Is A Matter Of Record
中國歷史大事記載:民國二十七年(1938)六月十四日(徐州)黃河決堤 - - - According to China’s Historical Event: On 14th, June in 1938, Xu Zhou, the bank of Yellow River burst...
前輩曾說過:黃河清聖人出,大道傳天機現。Senior Dao-cultivators had ever mentioned that when Yellow River became clear, a holy sage would descend to the mundane world and Great Dao would be imparted and Heavenly Secret would be revealed.
五教教義都說道真、理真,似乎尚未言及天命真的殊勝,在這科技文明的時代,凡事都講求證據,要有印證;然而,一貫道修道修心,辦道盡心,著重於心境的體悟與靈性的提升,真的,上天很慈悲,只要經過明師一指,天榜掛號,地府抽丁,生死的門戶,出入自自然然;天命的尊貴,在百歲年老時,展露無疑,從容自在,無所 罣礙,即以身軟如棉示現,感化迷昧的眾生,並且,在適當的時機,藉機顯象印證,「至切惺悟,文顯堤決黃河」這一張「黃河碑文」文字的出現,就是千真萬確的明證。The teachings of 5 religions have been conveying messages of “Dao is true” and “Principle is true”, but have not mentioned that “Heavenly Decree is truly precious and rare”. In this modern age of technology, we base all issues on evidential proof, where corroboration is necessary. Yet, Yi-Guan-Dao (Tian Dao) asserts on “cultivating Dao basing on heart-rectification” and “performing Dao-initiation with wholeheartedness” and emphasizes on “perception of Inner Nature and spiritual elevation”. Truthfully, Heaven is very merciful --- after Dao-initiation by initiation master, with name-registration in Heaven and name-removal from Hell, one’s departed spirit would be able to move about in the cosmos freely. The preciousness of Holy Decree can thus be proved: when one demises, one stays calm and at ease, without hindrance from psychic burden, and the dead bodies remain soft and faces vivid, with which it is convincible enough to influence sentient beings to repent. Furthermore, Merciful Heaven, at seasonable moment, descended the corroboration with the revelation of Yellow River Stone Inscription: “One should awaken spiritually --- the inscription revealed at the burst bank of Yellow River (this finalized phrase could be said associative with 'God's signature')”, this “Yellow River Stone Inscription” can unmistakably be proved to be absolute true.
這一張泛黃的便條紙,是一位林朝枝先生抄的,他住在先父吳福來點傳師家隔壁。日據時代,被日軍征召至大陸當軍伕,約民國三十年(1941)在徐州,一群軍伕偶然發現黃河堤岸,一塊大石頭上刻有文字,都感到好奇,至於出自何時,又是何人所刻,謎一樣無人考據,如此奇妙,自然而然引起大家相繼抄寫,當時,橫直又讀不通順,但是,也很自然地抄寫,摺起來放在口袋,退役時帶回台灣。This piece of yellow-discoloured sketching paper was inscribed by a Mr Lin Chao-Ji, who (had ever) lived nextdoor to Master Wu Fu-Lai (in Taiwan). In those days of Japan’s occupation of Taiwan (1895 - 1945), Mr Lin was ever enrolled by Japanese troops to carry out military service in Xu Zhou of China around 1941.  A group of army soldiers found a huge stone-tablet with Chinese text carved onto it at the bank of Yellow River. They felt curious with the discovery but, mysterious as it was, no one was able to trace when the texts were inscribed and who carved the texts onto the stone. Overwhelmed with curiosity,  everyone naturally could not help copying down the inscription to try to perceive the meaning. But, either by reading the texts horizontally or vertically could make no sense at all. Nevertheless, Mr Lin followed the example of others, wrote down the inscription, folded the piece of sketching paper and slotted it into his pocket, bringing it back to Taiwan after his completion of the military service.
民國四十五年(1956),先父求得寶貴大道,積極傳播福音,渡化親友,遺憾林先生家人佛緣淺薄,多年來,先父鍥而不捨,渡他們求道未果,直到民國五十八年(1969),因緣際會,在無意中獲「黃河碑文」手抄原稿,近三十年間,林先生幾乎遺忘有這麼一張便條紙,夾在古冊裏,當時,鉛筆字跡還很清晰,幸好沒被當做廢紙扔掉,先父預感非同小可,如獲至寶,林先生細說抄寫原由,根本無人知曉碑文暗藏天機。In 1956, the editor’s late Father (Master Wu) attained Dao and actively introduced Dao to his relatives and friends. It was a regret that Mr Lin’s affinity with Dao was not strong and after many years of hard attempts, Master Wu was still not successful in persuading Mr Lin to attain Dao. It was only in 1969 that, by some pre-destined chance, Master Wu came across that original handscript of Yellow River Stone Inscription, which was slotted in between old book’s pages. At that time, the pencil-written texts was still clear and readable. For nearly 30 years, Mr Lin had already forgotten about the piece of sketching paper. Fortunately, he had never mistaken it for some waste-paper and discarded it. By instinct, Master Wu sensed that it was no trivial matter and, as if a rare treasure had fallen into his hand, he paid attention to Mr Lin’s relating of the handscript’s derivation. Yet no one knew that the stone inscription conveyed some hidden Heavenly Secret at that time.

Heavenly Secret Stone Inscription At Yellow River’s Burst Bank
Mr Lin, who lived next to Mr Wu Fu-Lai, was ever enrolled by Japanese troops as a soldier in those years of Japanese occupation of Taiwan. At the burst bank of Yellow River was found this inscription and Mr Lin copied down of the contents.
字字珠璣Every phrase a gem
先父吳福來點傳師,隨即邀集詹金益前人、王軟前人、林乞前輩等基礎忠恕四金鋼一起研讀,雖然,他們沒有後天的學歷,但是,卻有先天與生俱有的妙智慧,幾經相互琢磨推敲,16×16256個字,終於找出碑文起首,由最中央的兩個字「弓長」念起,七字一句,「弓長應運領天命順時鐘螺旋式讀法,然而,令人感到奧妙的是,句尾第七字再取其中部位,作為下一句的首字,亦能前後連貫成句,不偏離主題,緊接下一句「口傳心印宏真道自子至未已八會……」,依句類推,字字珠璣,句句妙語。Master Wu later gathered three other senior Dao-cultivators together --- Senior Master Zhan Jin-Yi, Senior Master Wang Ruan and Senior Lin Qi, all of whom including himself were later nicknamed as  “Four Heavenly Kings of Ji Chu's Group” --- to discuss on and probe into the meaning of the handscript. By nurture, they might not have certification of high education, yet by nature all of them possessed  wondrous wisdom and knowledge. After some time of tedious brainstorming and deliberation over those 256 Chinese texts of 16-by-16, they finally arrived at a conclusion that: the decoding should start from the two central texts of “Gong ( Arch)” and “Chang (Long)”, thus reading as弓長應運領天命(Gong-Chang complies with Heavenly Fortune and receives the holy decree) and, in clockwise direction, for every 7 texts which formed one phrase, extract a portion or text-radicle from the phrase’ last text to become the first text of the next phrase --- this would make the whole line sound meaningful and complete, without deviation from the main subject. Thus, the next phrases could be read as “口傳心印宏真道自子至未已八會…… (Wide spreading of Dao by oral-imparting and heart-imprinting method; 8 lengths of epochs had passed from the Zi’s Epoch to Wei’s Epoch)” --- and so on and so forth, every phase a gem, every sentence a wonder.

*  On 9 June 1938, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, Nationalist troops under Chiang Kai-Shek broke the levees holding back the river near the village of Huayuankou in Henan, causing what has been called a "war-induced natural disaster".The goal of the operation was to stop the advancing Japanese troops by following a strategy of "using water as a substitute for soldiers" (yishui daibing). The 1938 flood of an area covering 54,000 km2 (20,800 sq mi) took some 500,000 to 900,000 Chinese lives, along with an unknown number of Japanese soldiers. The flood prevented the Japanese army from taking Zhengzhou, on the southern bank of the Yellow River, but did not stop them from reaching their goal of capturing Wuhan, which was the temporary seat of the Chinese government and straddles the Yangtze River.

碑文讀法說明:Introduction on Decoding Method
由碑文中間“弓”字起始,七字一句,每句之末尾字中,取一字作下一句之頭一字。Starting from the central text of “Gong”, forming a phrase of 7 texts, and out of the last text extract the text-radicle or small portion as the first text of the next phrase.
弓長應運領天命  口傳心印宏真道
Gong-Chang (Patriarch Zhang Tian-Ran) complies with Heavenly Fortune and receives the Holy Decree, wide spreading the Dao by oral-imparting and heart-imprinting method;
自子至未已八會  日月如梭不止停
8 lengths of epoch have passed from Zi’s to Wei’s Epoch. Light and shade come in swift alternation (i.e., time flies) endlessly;
人人不惺迷夢客  各個盡墜不回頭
Everyone loses his inner awareness and dreams away the precious life, totally fallen into sin without turning around;
一字能了歸覺路  止於至善赴龍華
If one could understand the meaning of Chinese text of ONE, one can set foot on the homecoming’s journey; Aiming at absolute perfection (or arriving at supreme goodness)’ can prepare oneself to be invited to the ‘Spiritual Feast Of Dragon Flower’;
十佛治世至彌勒  革面洗心回家鄉
The predestined ‘Ministry of Ten Buddhas’ has now come to the reign of the 10th Buddha --- Buddha Maitreya. One should turn over a new leaf so as to return to Spiritual Homeland;
即有白陽開普渡  又降九九大劫災
Now being the White Solar Era with global propagation of Dao, 81 great calamities also descended from Heaven;
火水刀兵如鼎沸  弗如罡風莫可當
Disasters of flood, flames and war agitate the people like boiling water’s surface. These are yet not as unsustainable as the ‘Astral Wind (or Nuclear Wind)’ to come;
尚有浩然大劫數  女男哀號鬼神驚
More stronger calamities are yet to come. Men and women could be seen crying piteously  and even deities and ghosts seemed frightened;
苟無真道怎逃劫  去濁歸清上法船

Without the True Dao, how is it able to escape from the disasters? One should remove the turbidity and maintain clean atmosphere (i.e., referring to environmental conservation) and board the Dharmic Ferry;

舟行海中誰人划  戈短弓長斷迷魂
While the ferry sails across the sea (of suffering), who’s going to navigate the vessel? People tend to vie with one another and lose their own lives prematurely (before finding theirs way towards spiritual perfection);
云及三六中秋夜  人雖圓寂道猶存
Speaking of the incident in the night of Mid Autumn Festival, 36th Year of China Republic (1947) --- although He would pass away, the Dao still prevails.
子系太陰繼承接  立己立人天命擔
Zi-Xi (Matriarch Sun Hui-Ming) Tai Yin (The Moon --- Bodhisattva Yue Hui ) continues the mission; With self-establishment and encouragement to others to establish merit, She has shouldered the Holy Decree;
言簡意深難惺覺  見了不忍示天機
The meaning is profound although the words are simple. Since the Merciful Heaven could not bear seeing the sufferings of all sentient beings, the Heavenly Secret is revealed (in this Yellow River Stone Inscription);.
幾為識得文中意  音傳四海渡乾坤
Whoever could interpret the hidden meaning of the inscription, should spread the message around, world-widely, to ferry the believers regardless of gender;
申開慧明接金線  絲毫不錯天然盤
Heavenly Mother revealed that ‘Hui-Ming’ had been assigned to carry on the Golden Thread, and there is not a slight deviation from the original “Dao’s Plate” of Patriarch Zhang Tian-Ran;
般般句句指明路  各各切切莫遲疑
Every phrase gives direction towards the Glorious Way. All readers of the inscription or Dao's followers should not doubt;
矢志不撓須精進  三(佳)期逸失後悔遲
One should continue to follow unswervingly and make further progression; Because if one is to miss the “Third Era’s global salvation” (optimal period) one could not help regretting;
犀牛望月何日解  刀剖智囊悟性天
Like “a rhinoceros watching the moon and waited helplessly” for the inscription’s decoding. Knife-piercing into the brain would result in dawning of one’s inner nature (i.e., implying the Mystical Gate initiation);
一子成道超七祖  三玄九賜學無邊
An individual Dao-cultivator who can accomplish Dao-perfection could transcend his 7 generations of ancestor ; Cultivation of Dao by Method of The Three Mystics (玄關、玄訣、玄印---3 Treasures) could in future reward one with any of the 9 kinds of “Fruit of Dao-practice” --- thus, one should humbly learn from the boundless Cosmos;
方寸寶田須清靜  爭名奪利誤前程
One should retain serenity at the “Precious Land of Cùn Square”. Struggling for fame or privilege would hinder one's Dao-cultivation or even ruin a Dao-cultivator's future;
禾榖秋收時已到  至切惺悟
The Spiritual Harvest has already come. It is advisable that one should awaken spiritually;
The inscription revealed at the burst bank of Yellow River

Bi Văn Thiên Cơ Của Vỡ Đê Hoàng Hà

Bi Văn Thiên Cơ Của Vỡ Đê Hoàng Hà
Ông Lâm có tại bên cạnh nhà Ông Ngô Phúc Lai từng bị mộ binh làm quân nhân đang ‘Nhật Chỉ Thời Đại’. Đang Hoàng Hà vỡ đê anh áy phát hiện bi văn này mà sao chép như vậy.
弓長應運領天命Cung-Trưởng (Tổ Sư Trương Thiên Nhiên) ứng vận lĩnh thụ Thiên Mếnh.
口傳心印宏真道 Khảu truyền và tâm in thanh thản ‘chân Đạo.
自子至未已八會 Tự Tỹ Hội đến Vi Hội đã qua tám Hội.
日月如梭不止停Ngày tháng thoi đưa mà không chấm dứt.
人人不惺迷夢客 Mỗi người đều không thanh tỉnh mà trầm mê trong mơ,
各個盡墜不回頭cũng hoàn toàn rơi xuống mà không quay về.
十佛治世至彌勒 Thập Phật trị thể đến Di Lặc.
革面洗心回家鄉Phải thay đổi triệt để thì được về quê hương.
即有白陽開普渡 Tức là có ‘Bạch Dương’ mở rộng ra sự Truyền Đạo,
又降九九大劫災mà trời giáng 81 cái tai kiếp.
火水刀兵如鼎沸 Hỏa (lửa), thủy (nước), đao binh (việc binh đao), như nhau ấm đun nước;
弗如罡風莫可當tất cả cũng không bằng ‘canh phong (gió nóng của vũ khí hạt nhân)’ không được ngăn cản vậy.
尚有浩然大劫數 Vẫn có tai kiếp lớn hơn
女男哀號鬼神驚làm cho cả trai lẫn gái rên rỉ mà Thiên Chúa sợ và ma sợ hãi.
苟無真道怎逃劫 Nếu khong có ‘chân Dạo’ thể nào chạy trốn được?
去濁歸清上法船Cần phải ‘để không khí dục rồi từ từ trong trểo lại’ (phải bảo vệ môi trường) mà lêo lên ‘Pháp Thuyền’.
舟行海中誰人划 Pháp tuyền chạy trong biển những có ai đi chèo tuyền?
戈短弓長斷迷魂Ngươi tranh ta đoạt  (vị lợi ích tự mình)  mà bị mất tỉnh mệnh.
云及三六中秋夜 Nối đén tối Trung Thu (Năm Trung Hoa Danh Qước) Năm 36;
人雖圓寂道猶存Tui rằng người (Tổ Sư Trương Thiên Nhiên) đã viên tịch nhưng Đạo vẫn có tồn tại.
子系太陰繼承接  Tỷ-Hệ (Tôn Sư Mẫu) Thái Âm (mặt trăng --- Nguyệt Tuệ Bồ Tát) tiếp tục mà hứng lấy (Kim Tuyến),
立己立人天命擔Lặp kỷ lặp nhân  (đứng trang nghiêm tự mình và khuyến khích người khach tu Dạo)  và đảm đương Thiên Mẹnh.
言簡意深難惺覺  Ngôn ngữ đơn giản những ý nghĩa thâm ảo mà khó khăn làm cho chúng sinh tỉnh ngộ;
見了不忍示天機nhìn thấy rôi không đành lòng mà hiến ra thiên cơ.
幾為識得文中意 Nếu máy người ai hiểu được ý nghĩa trong văn bia;
音傳四海渡乾坤cần truyền tin tức cho năm sông bốn biển mà dẫn độ thân hữu vô luận là nam hay nữ.
申開慧明接金線  Lão Mãu đã công bố thông tin Tuệ ̉ Minh tiếp tục Kim Tuyến;
絲毫不錯天然盤chút nào cũng không sai là ‘Đạo Bàn’ của Thiên Nhiên (Tổ Sư Trương Thiên Nhiên).
般般句句指明路  Mỗi câu chữ đều là chỉ dẫn đến đường lớn quang minh;
各各切切莫遲疑 Mỗi người nghê được thì chẳng chần chờ.
矢志不撓須精進 Phải quyết tâm không đầu mà tinh tiến tu Đạo;
三(佳)期逸失後悔遲tại vị ‘Tam Kỷ’ (thời cơ tốt nhất) nếu bỏ qua cơ hội thì quá muộn để hối tiếc
犀牛望月何日解 Ngày đêm cũng trông mong (như nhau tê ngưu) mà cũng không biết lúc nào có thể phá giải được;
刀剖智囊悟性天mở ra ‘trỉ tuệ’ thì lĩnh ngộ được ‘Thiên Tính’.
一子成道超七祖 Nếu một người có thể tu Đạo mà có công đức đủ, thì được vượt trội bảy đại tổ tiên;
三玄九賜學無邊 Đựa vào Tam Huyền (Huyền Quan, Huyền Khuyểt và Huyền Ấn ---Tam Bào) tu hành mà tương lai có thể tu được ‘quả vị’ trong chín loại, cho nên cần phải học hõi học văn của Vũ Tru ̣vô biên.
方寸寶田須清靜 Bảo Điền tấc vuông (Huyền Quan khiếu rộng cao cũng là 1 tấc) cần phải để thanh tĩnh;
爭名奪利誤前程Nếu tranh đoạt danh lợi thì làm lỡ tương lai của người tu Dạo.
禾榖秋收時已到 Viéc thu hoạch hạt của mùa thu đã đến;
至切惺悟vọng cạc người tỉnh ngộ ...
文顯堤決黃河 Vân chữ hiện ra đang Hoàng Hà Vỡ Đê